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Brigg Line Update Saturday 15th April

Here is the update for the Brigg Line for Saturday 15th April.

Service & Route

The Brigg Line was back in full swing after the industrial action break of last week.

With many schools still off on holiday a noticeable increase in customers was noted using the train to go to Cleethorpes including 26 customers boarding the 0803 Sheffield Midland to Cleethorpes service at Gainsborough Central.

The Brigg Line is blessed with some wonderful Northern Railway staff who are very customer focused for the Brigg Line, many of which are first time travelers, they were on hand on Saturday to pass on information about the line and railcards that were available in future for them to use.

Passenger on the Brigg Line Train given details of the Two Together Raillcard

One station that is excelling with new customers is Brigg, on Saturday 71 customers used the railway station, this was an outstanding figure to say that it was a non Farmers Market day, the total of passengers at this point last year was 181 using the station, as of the 15/4/17 the passenger numbers at Brigg are 398, with the promotion of using the 0926 departure and changing at Barnetby for the 0939 EMT service to Market Rasen and Lincoln and the 0952 service to Meadowhall and Sheffield Midland the numbers at Brigg should break all levels.

1147 service to Sheffield Midland
Feedback came back via the Brigg Line facebook page that a number of passengers who used the train for the first time on Saturday to travel to Lincoln via Barnetby was they would like to see a later service from Lincoln to Brigg via Barnetby, sadly it was explained to them that a Sheffield via Brigg service and a Lincoln to Grimsby service passed each other a Wrawby Junction around 1902 pm, attempts had been made to make the Brigg Line service run latter so a connection would be made at Barnetby, as of yet this still has not been done.

Sheffield Midland

The new Gainsborough posters printed by East Midlands Trains to advise customers on a Saturday that anyone who has " Gainsborough " marked on their tickets can use either Northern Railways Gainsborough Central or East Midlands Trains Gainsborough Lea Road if travelling on the Sheffield line, this poster has now been placed in the posterboard on platform 1b.

Kiveton Park

After a road accident demolished the waiting shelter customers have now been left with the razor blade seating but no cover, there seems to be a cloud over if this platform will get a new waiting shelter again ?


A new Northern Railway poster has been placed at the entrance to the station to inform passengers of new customer satisfaction targets, this bemused the customers using Brigg as its replaced a Northern Rail information poster that has all the contact details and phone numbers on.

Elsewhere the Tourist Information Center at Brigg has a wide range of railway timetables including the new Gainsborough Travel Guide published by Stagecoach Lincolnshire which includes the Brigg Line services.

Gainsborough Central

As word gets around about the Brigg Line and its unique services and situation it finds itself in, people are now travelling far and wide to visit the line and photo the trains.

On Saturday Gainsborough Central had a new tenant in the form of a cat, named " Pacer " the cat arrived to see the 1212 arrival which had come from Cleethorpes and Grimsby, pacer the cat must have a good nose to smell the fish.

Photo Barry Coward

Photo Barry Coward 

Retford Low Level

East Coast Trains have erected new information points on the platforms, this is a welcome improvement however the signage has been removed about pressing the button so that staff can take customers over the foot crossing, there now seems to be confusion on what customers need to do ? 

Gainsborough Model Railway

Situated just a 10 minute walk from Gainsborough Central the Gainsborough Model Railway is a O gauge railway that is based from London Kings Cross to Leeds Central via Retford, open most Bank Holiday weekends the GMR also has a 1950's sign for Gainsborough Central in the cafe.

Details and pictures are below.


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