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Brigg Line Blog Saturday 13th May 2017

Here is the update for the Brigg Line for Saturday 13th May

Service and Route

Another busy day on the Brigg Line with a good spread of customers using each of the 6 services.

New customers using the Brigg Line are always guaranteed excellent customer services from the Northern Railway guards who are always on hand with advice.

A number of events on Saturday meant customers traveled to a number of the stations on the line.
The Brigg Beer festival had a number of travelers coming in from Grimsby direction.

A group of chaps had also traveled down from Grimsby and headed to Gainsborough Central and Gainsborough to visit the town and the local drinking establishments.

We are now coming into Bucket and Spade season which is when the Brigg Line services reach full capacity and more, on Saturday the first batch of travelers came on the train to have a day in Cleethorpes, word is getting around that the pier at Cleethorpes is now open after a new Fish and Chips restaurant is now in the main building.

The line over the last few years has become popular with dog owners taking their pets to the seaside, on Saturday " Ralf " the dog had a trip on the Brigg Line to Cleethorpes and Back.


The engineering poster has gone up at the entrance to Brigg Station but does not have the times of the replacement buses that will run on Saturday 17th June.

The station has also had erected details of the Samaritans as a nationwide campaign is underway about understanding depression and reducing the risks of suicides on the railway.
Also updated is the North Lincolnshire Council posterboard at Hewson House advising days out on the Brigg Line for locals in Brigg.

Brigg Line Blog will be attending a Brigg Is Best meeting on Tuesday hosted by the local Brigg shops and North Lincolnshire Council leader Cllr Rob Waltham ,this meeting is to find new ideas to  promote Brigg and the Brigg Line will be part of this with its record increasing numbers that come by train.

Sadly the £400000 non ramp Network Rail footbridge reared its ugly head again on Saturday with yet more new customers struggling to get over it, on social media new customer vented their anger on the Brigg Line facebook page 
( ) about not be able to come to Brigg for the less able due to the new footbridge, this was also picked up again by Dame Tanni Grey Thompson who sits in the House Of Lords and fights for accessibility.

Brigg Station

Gainsborough Central

Marshall's Yard who look after the car park at Gainsborough Central have been out and about trimming the bushes, sadly most of the over growing trees come from the Network Rail area land and after requests for the last 5 years it still remains an unacceptable mess.


New LED and brighter lighting has been put up on the platforms, sadly the new ticket machine on the concourse has developed a fault and has started to miss out station names on the departure section, on Saturday it was the turn of Retford Low Level, the system had it down as " Unknown Station "

Retford Low Level 

Another station where there is an accessibility issue on one of the platforms at Retford Low Level, on Saturday a Northern Rail driver had to help a lady across the footbridge as there is no lift on the Sheffield platform, sadly there is now No signs on the platform to advise what they need to do to alert staff to help them across the foot crossing.

A large poster has been erected at the top of platform 3/4 for the engineering works but this is for the 9 day closure of the Sheffield Midland to Lincoln Central at Worksop but there was nothing for the Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg services for the 17th June.

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