Sunday, 24 September 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 23rd September

Here is the blog for Saturday 23rd September.

Traffic, Route and Ticketing

A warm Saturday as well as the Brigg Farmers Market brought customers out to use the Brigg Line.

Despite the warm weather coal traffic has returned to the Brigg Line, and on Saturday a rare event of two coal trains passing through Brigg within 10 minutes of each other sandwiched between the 1114 Cleethorpes to Sheffield service meant the crossing gates at Brigg level crossing were closed for a long time, it was a bus situation where you have nothing for ages then 3 turn up at once.

A bargain ticket anomaly has been found again, the £11.70 Adult Return fare from Brigg to Penistone on the South / West Yorkshire boarder is valid to travel via Leeds, if you buy a walk on fare you are allowed to break your journey on the outward and return potions, this means people in Brigg can have a day in Leeds on a Saturday for £11.70 where if they were to ask for a Brigg to Leeds return it would be £27.70 !

A few passengers took the train from Brigg to Gainsborough Central on Saturday but again the £9.10p return ticket is putting many off travelling from either station to each other.


We are now having a situation where the station is getting vandalized each week in some form.

This week it was the turn of the Sheffield bound waiting shelter to suffer damage,  a FOI request has gone into the British Transport Police but we believe the recorded crime incidents at Brigg station this year is between 20-30.

The Community Rail Partnership has brought up the security of Brigg Station with the train operator in recent weeks and will do so again this week, we have come to the point where the station needs to be fenced and gated off, this will mean that the station can be tided up and we can have things like planters and banners on the station.

On the plus side the proactive Brigg Town Business Partnership are working with the Brigg Line Group to promote visiting Brigg with a new design of posters and banners that you will hopefully see very soon at stations.

After a 14 week wait the first posterboard at the entrance to Brigg station have received its useful information poster again, this gives customers details of phone numbers and contact details withing the railway to help them with their journey.

Kirton In Lindsey

The new Community Rail Partnership have with the help of Stagecoach Buses, First Trans Pennine Express, West Lindsey District Council & ACORP have produced another travel guide, this time for Kirton In Lindsey and the surrounding Villages.

The link to the travel guide is below, it may be of note that the train operator of the Brigg Line did not cooperate again just like the Gainsborough Travel Guide.


Sunday, 3 September 2017

Brigg Blog Saturday 2nd September 2017

Here is the Brigg Line Blog for Saturday 2nd September 2017

East Midlands Trains Franchise.

On Wednesday The Department for Transport held a public consultation on the East Midlands Trains Franchise, where none of the EMT routes does not use the Brigg Line the view is that it should do, this would open up new avenues and connectives.

A rough drawing shown here shows how the Brigg Line would connect to the present Nottingham to Worksop EMT service.

RAIL Magazine

In the latest issue of RAIL magazine (834) there is a 2 page spread about the issue at Gainsborough Central and the suggestion of the new Sheffield Midland to Retford Low Level stopping service been extended to Gainsborough Central, this would be a 6 day a week service roughly running between 7am and 7pm, the services would require a subsidy, both Lincolnshire and West Lindsey councils are wishing to discuss this with the present train operator.

Service and Route

The weekend before the schools go back is always a busy time on the Brigg Line.

The 0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg was full with people standing, passengers boarding the services included 31 at Worksop, 12 on at Retford Low Level and 34 on at Gainsborough Central.

Many of these people were heading to Cleethorpes and despite the foggy weather in the morning they were rewarded with sunshine.

Gainsborough Central

Odd goings on with the information that is put up in the posterboards by the Northern contractors, industrial action is taking place on Friday 1st and Monday 3rd September however the strike poster was put up at Gainsborough Central with a Saturday service yet at Gainsborough Lea Road no strike poster has been placed up.

Brigg Line Community Rail Parnership

New posters have been kindly printed by First Transpennine Express for 23 stations under the NNLCRP remit.

Darnall, Woodhouse , Kiveton Bridge, Kiveton Park, Shireoaks, Worksop and Retford Low Level have already had updated posters placed in the posterboards.


The BT phone has been repaired again in the waiting shelter on the Cleethorpes platform after been smashed up for the 9th time this year.

The yellow warning tape has been ripped down again on the Sheffield platform to warn customers about the missing fencing that was vandalizes and pushed down the embankment.

Also a " Platform 2 "sign was ripped off near the footbridge, this has been reported to the British Transport Police, out of all the stations on the Brigg Line Brigg remains the leader when it comes to criminal damage.  


Sunday, 27 August 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 26th August

Here is the Brigg Line blog for Saturday 26th August.

Service, Route and Pricing

Bank Holiday Weekend is always a busy time for the Brigg Line with customers going to Cleethorpes.

The first train was busy again with a large proportion of customers coming from the Worksop area.

Customers always comment on why there are no trains on a Bank Holiday Monday to Cleethorpes, that we tell them is due to the Department for Transport who issue the franchises not structuring a Bank Hoilday Monday workings on the Brigg Line into the franchise.

The new basic but informative sign on the totem Brigg sign has lead to a number of enquirers from people in the town to the Brigg Line Group about the train services.

A poster has also done to highlight to customers at Brigg they now have 2 options if travelling to Sheffield on a Saturday as the fares have now been changed to " Any Permitted Route " so is valid via Barnetby on the first train on the way out or the 1147 service direct.


For the 11th time this year the station suffered criminal damage, this time the BT phone was smashed up again, this has a direct line to the Northern Rail customer service center, so if anyone was wanting to call to see where their train was they cant.

Again this highlights the vulnerability of the station area and this was highlighted in Nigel Fishers Brigg Blog where he asked why it was taking North Lincolnshire Council so long to redevelop the station area when planning permission was granted, Read Here ( BRIGG BLOG  )

Saturday was also Brigg Farmers Market Day and  passenger numbers using the station on all the 6 trains was around the 60 mark for the day.

14 weeks after asking for it to be removed, the Northern Rail duo poster still remains on the main poster board, (Offer removed on the Brigg Line in January 2016)  it seems the new contractors seem to have problems doing the basics like removing posters and sweeping the footbridge and Sheffield platform !

Gainsborough Central

As well as the criminal issues at Brigg, at Gainsborough Central we now have a pattern developing of some trespassers that use an illegal way to get to the Sheffield platform every Saturday around lunchtime, whats more they then just sit in the waiting shelter and never catch a train, these details have been passed onto the British Transport Police as these trespassers have been cautioned before.


Cleethorpes is always popular at this time of the year but customers always comment that the section of line between Grimsby Docks and Cleethorpes is looking derelict and unloved, to the north of the station the old sidings look a mess with overgrown tracks and graffiti everywhere.

elsewhere the town needs something to make it a 12 month resort to attract visitors all the year round.

next to the watertower is a large bit of land, this would be ideal for a Cleethorpes Arena that could attract events all the year round.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Brigg Line Blog 12th August

Here is the Brigg Line Blog for Saturday 12th August.

Service, Route & Pricing

With the busiest part of the year for the line it was a surprise on Saturday that the unit that formed 2H03 0803 Sheffield - Cleethorpes via Brigg was a single car 153 set.

This caused major problems with over crowding between Worksop and Retford and leaving Brigg there were 71 customers on board, the 1203 & 1601 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg & 1520 & 1832 Cleethorpes to Sheffield via Brigg were formed of a normal 2 car set.

Despite contacting the contractors for the last 7 weeks, Brigg station still has a Northern Rail advert for the Duo Ticket, this offer was removed from the line in Spring 2016, the poster that should be in the first poster-board at the station is a station information one.

Passenger numbers were high again for this time of year but were down a bit at Brigg due to the closure of the Market Rasen line and no rail connections at Barnetby for Lincoln & Newark.

The line was popular with cyclists on Saturday with a number of trips been made where customers travel to one station and then cycle home.


Sadly customers were again treated to some awful sights from the windows of the trains.

A burnt out car still sits in a field near the railway line and Ancholme River and the approach to Brigg, this was reported to North Lincolnshire Council 5 weeks ago but nothing has been done as yet to remove it.

When new and returning customers are in the station area they have the view of a brick wall at the top of Station Road which has had a large amount of graffiti on it for the past 3 months, again this has been reported to North Lincolnshire Council for action.

Everyone is still awaiting progress from North Lincolnshire Councils planning department who gave the green light to the redevelopment of the station area last year but for some reason nothing has moved forward on this project.

Sadly the Sheffield platform fence at Brigg still remains down the embankment and yellow tape the the only barrier between this, no details or date have been given to repair this.

New rails have been dropped in the centre of the track around the Brigg area, this is a sign that track replacement will be taking place soon, hopefully common sense will prevail and this is not done on a Saturday.

Grimsby Town 

Fare dodging was in evidence again on Saturday as customers refused to pay between Grimsby Town and Cleethorpes, sadly there are no plans by First Trans Pennine to place ticket barriers at Grimsby Town, until this is done Train Operating Companies will lose money hand over fist between these two locations.

Retford Low Level / Retford 

With summer here the weeds are out in force, the platforms at Retford Low Level are in need of some treatment and this has been passed on Virgin Trains East Coast to clear up.

In the ticket office area in the main building the mobile phone charging point still remains blocking access to the timetables, and the Customer Information Screen on platform 1 for platform 4 (Brigg . Lincoln Lines) has broken again.

Retford Bus Station

The proactive Nottinghamshire County Council have refurbished the bus station adding new posterboards and timetable holders, the Northern Rail number 32 timetable (Sheffield - Cleethorpes via Brigg / Lincoln ) are placed in here and the bus station manager keeps commenting that they go like hot cakes.

Pilning Station nr Bristol

A meeting took place on a train between a member of the Brigg Line Group and the Pilning Station Group on Thursday.

Pilning Station is like the Brigg Line on only receiving a Saturday Only service, sadly Network Rail removed their footbridge recently due to electrification works, this has left them with only 1 platform and an unacceptable situation.

The £400000 non ramp Network Rail footbridge at Gainsborough Central is very controversial as it was never needed as the station has a very safe foot crossing between both platforms.

The common sense idea is to take the new footbridge down and give it to the people of Pilning Station who need one.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Brigg Line Blog 22nd July 2017

Here is the Brigg Line blog for the 22nd July 2017

Service and Route

The start of the school holidays didn't start that well weather wise on the morning of  Saturday 22nd July.

Despite this 28 customers boarded the 0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg service at Worksop, and when the sun came out in the afternoon the customer numbers had escalated to a more acceptable level.


It was the award winning Brigg Farmers market day on Saturday, always a popular event the total number of customers using Brigg Station was 61, the total for Brigg this year is around 905. last years total was 1023.

Sadly Brigg Station was a target again of criminal damage, the BT phone box in the Cleethorpes platform was vandalized again (7th time this year)

Elsewhere the yellow warning tape on the Sheffield platform had been removed again after criminal damage took place on the railway fencing.

Graffiti still remains on the North Lincolnshire Council wall at Station Road 5 weeks after the first report.

There is a CCTV fixing on Hewson House where a camera used to point down the road, for some reason this has been removed.


Sadly also at Brigg the first poster-board which is suppose to have an information poster in has now a Duo Ticket poster, no only do customer not have information about the station they have a poster for a ticket that does not apply for this line, this has been logged again with the contractors for the line,

Stagecoach Lincolnshire Buses have gone that extra mile again by supplying another batch of posters for the Brigg Line, the latest is to promote the open top bus that departs from near the railway station along the station front.

Call Connect have also sent a batch of posters to be placed at Gainsborough Central, Kirton In Lindsey & Brigg to promote the bookable bus services in the area.

Retford High Level

A new mobile phone power point still remains in the ticket office area at Retford Station, however it is blocking access to the timetables, we've asked Virgin East Coast Trains to move it to the waiting room on platform 1.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 15th July 2017

Here is the Brigg Line Blog for Saturday 15th July.

After no services the week before due to industrial action the trains were well used.

Railway Walk 

Every year Stuart Parker from the Penistone Line Parnership kindly arranges a walk somewhere on the Brigg Line to help the profile.

On Saturday the 7 mile walk was from Barnetby to Brigg with a bonus of a stop off at the Wrawby Post Mill.

Sadly the weather forecasters got it wrong and the heavy rain they said would happen didn't, this put the numbers taking part down slightly but a healthy 25 people turned up.

Stuart Parker walks leader quoted the following "

We had 25 people on Saturday’s Brigg Line walk. They came from Sheffield, Chapeltown, Doncaster (1), Scunthorpe (2), Mansfield (2), Gainsborough, Kirton Lindsey(2), Grimsby (5), Cleethorpes (2)Lincoln (1) and Brigg .
Publicity was excellent with listings in Gainsborough Standard, Retford Times, Worksop Guardian, Sheffield Star, Brigg Matters, Lincs Ramblers web, North Lincs web, Brigg TIC.
Wrawby windmill people were good with 5 volunteers opening the mill up so we spent an hour there looking around at our lunchstop. "

We always welcome Stuart's walks and thank him again for profiling the Brigg Line.

Barton Line Community Rail Partnership 

As well as the Railway Walk a small group of the Barton Community Rail Partnership had a trip on the Brigg Line from Brigg to Gainsborough Central.

Sadly because of the awful connections at Habrough station everyone on this trip took the car to Brigg and parked on Station Road.

Brigg was again popular with people coming off the train especially as it was a non market day.

Sadly there is still an ongoing issue with the first posterboard on the station which is suppose to give rail information details and phone numbers, the latest poster to be put up advertisers the Northern Rail Duo Ticket which was withdrawn from the line in 2016.

Gainsborough Central also had a good influx of customers with most of them using the safe foot crossing to exit the station.


Cleethorpes still remained the most popular destination of the day, 

A pre season friendly between Grimsby Town and Barnsley meant that the 1203 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg was busy with fans going the alternative route.

There is still issues with the Customer Information Screens at Cleethorpes, Grimsby Town and Barnetby that need updating, at present customers get confused and travel on the slower Brigg train to Sheffield when they should be on a TPE train.

Enquiries are also been made about the North Lincolnshire Concession passes which if they had a train symbol they received 50% off an adult train ticket to areas like Lincoln and Doncaster.

According to the poster at Cleethorpes it looks like this has been lost but customers in Kirton In Lindsey and Brigg can still travel to Gainsborough Central Grimsby & Cleethorpes. 

Stagecoach Open Top Bus

Stagecoach Lincolnshire are going that extra mile again by producing A4 posters to advertise the open top bus seafront service.

These will be placed in the major stations on the Brigg Line as we approach the 6 weeks holidays. 

Brigg Drone

Local Brigg resident Neil Stapleton has been out with his drone again, this time he has filmed around the Brigg Station area.