Monday, 17 July 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 15th July 2017

Here is the Brigg Line Blog for Saturday 15th July.

After no services the week before due to industrial action the trains were well used.

Railway Walk 

Every year Stuart Parker from the Penistone Line Parnership kindly arranges a walk somewhere on the Brigg Line to help the profile.

On Saturday the 7 mile walk was from Barnetby to Brigg with a bonus of a stop off at the Wrawby Post Mill.

Sadly the weather forecasters got it wrong and the heavy rain they said would happen didn't, this put the numbers taking part down slightly but a healthy 25 people turned up.

Stuart Parker walks leader quoted the following "

We had 25 people on Saturday’s Brigg Line walk. They came from Sheffield, Chapeltown, Doncaster (1), Scunthorpe (2), Mansfield (2), Gainsborough, Kirton Lindsey(2), Grimsby (5), Cleethorpes (2)Lincoln (1) and Brigg .
Publicity was excellent with listings in Gainsborough Standard, Retford Times, Worksop Guardian, Sheffield Star, Brigg Matters, Lincs Ramblers web, North Lincs web, Brigg TIC.
Wrawby windmill people were good with 5 volunteers opening the mill up so we spent an hour there looking around at our lunchstop. "

We always welcome Stuart's walks and thank him again for profiling the Brigg Line.

Barton Line Community Rail Partnership 

As well as the Railway Walk a small group of the Barton Community Rail Partnership had a trip on the Brigg Line from Brigg to Gainsborough Central.

Sadly because of the awful connections at Habrough station everyone on this trip took the car to Brigg and parked on Station Road.

Brigg was again popular with people coming off the train especially as it was a non market day.

Sadly there is still an ongoing issue with the first posterboard on the station which is suppose to give rail information details and phone numbers, the latest poster to be put up advertisers the Northern Rail Duo Ticket which was withdrawn from the line in 2016.

Gainsborough Central also had a good influx of customers with most of them using the safe foot crossing to exit the station.


Cleethorpes still remained the most popular destination of the day, 

A pre season friendly between Grimsby Town and Barnsley meant that the 1203 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg was busy with fans going the alternative route.

There is still issues with the Customer Information Screens at Cleethorpes, Grimsby Town and Barnetby that need updating, at present customers get confused and travel on the slower Brigg train to Sheffield when they should be on a TPE train.

Enquiries are also been made about the North Lincolnshire Concession passes which if they had a train symbol they received 50% off an adult train ticket to areas like Lincoln and Doncaster.

According to the poster at Cleethorpes it looks like this has been lost but customers in Kirton In Lindsey and Brigg can still travel to Gainsborough Central Grimsby & Cleethorpes. 

Stagecoach Open Top Bus

Stagecoach Lincolnshire are going that extra mile again by producing A4 posters to advertise the open top bus seafront service.

These will be placed in the major stations on the Brigg Line as we approach the 6 weeks holidays. 

Brigg Drone

Local Brigg resident Neil Stapleton has been out with his drone again, this time he has filmed around the Brigg Station area.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

1114 Cleethorpes to Sheffield service at Brigg

Neil Stapleton drone catching the 1114 Cleethorpes to Sheffield service at Brigg

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Brigg Line Blog 10th June 2017

Here is the Brigg Line Blog for Saturday 10th June. 

All The Stations

All The Stations is a project to travel to ALL the national railway stations in Britain over the spring and summer of 2017, and to create an online documentary film about the journey.

On Saturday Geoff and Vicki travelled on the Brigg Line from Gainsborough Central to Cleethorpes via Brigg, both of them had done a trail trip before and the video of that is HERE

All The Station Drome at Cleethorpes after the Brigg Line service arrives. 10/6/17

Service and Route

The wet weather put off a number of people travelling on the normally busy services at the start of the day but as the weather picked up many cam out to travel the Brigg Line with a number of trips recorded between stations with Gainsborough Central been very popular.

Visit Brigg

The latest area to be targeted with Visit Brigg posters is Grimsby, this area is always popular with travellers coming to Brigg by Train on a Saturday and the Brigg Line posterboard is well placed on the Sheffield platform so in full view.


Thankfully a week where no criminal damage has taken place, the British Transport Police visited Brigg station within hours of last Saturdays criminal damage.

Part of the Sheffield platform has been taped off where the railing were broken by vandals.

Engineering Works

Between Sunday 11th and Monday the 19th June a large section of the railway is closed at Worksop for Network Rail engineering works, this means that a replacement bus service will operate on the Brigg Line on Saturday 17th June.

Engineering Poster at Brigg

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Brigg Line Blog 3rd June 2017

Here is the blog for the Brigg Line for Saturday 3rd June.

Service and Route

Yet another busy day on the Brigg Line with a number of new customers travelling to Gainsborough Central , Brigg and Cleethorpes.

Some of the visitors that came to Brigg travelled a bit further than others to visit the town.

A lady and Gentleman had travelled from Manchester that morning as the lady was born in Brigg and was returning, this was the first time she had been to Brigg Station for a number of years and both of them were horrified to see the state of the stations present condition, the lady remembered when the station had station buildings and was in a better condition, the lady also picked up that it was only though a friend that she discovered that the station was still open.

The other visitors were a family of 3 from Sunderland, they were making their way to North Norfork for their holidays but had stopped off at Brigg to have breakfast in the Deli Diner before catching a Brigg Line train to Gainsborough Central and back, before then travelling down by car to their destination.

The Brigg Line had a rare visitor on Saturday, the 1601 Sheffield Midland to Cleethorpes via Brigg & 1832 Cleethorpes to Sheffield Midland via Brigg service was made up of a Class 150 unit, these units are normally found in the North West but are ideal for lines like the Brigg Line as there is a large section in one end of the coach to place bikes, buggies and luggage.

Photo By Phill Hewson of 150145 at Brigg at 1908pm 3/6/17

A short film was also made by Barry Coward from Gainsborough of the unit at the desolate Gainsborough Central

150 at Gainsborough Central

With summer arriving this is the time that the lineside trees and branches overgrow, a number of locations between Gainsborough Trent Junction and Brigg Station have been identified for tree and branch pruning, sadly on Saturday and with the windows open on the train, a number of leafs off the trees ended up in the train as it brushed pasts.


Sadly the station was a victim of criminal damage again.

The phone was damaged again in the Cleethorpes bound waiting shelter and the Chavs had set fire to one of the perspex glass sheets in the waiting shelter.

On the Sheffield platform more of the metal fencing had been knocked over and pushed down the embankment.

With the run up to the General Election it was noted that the Labour Party were on Brigg Station doing a VIDEO about the 1 day a week service since 1993, we welcome any highlights this week from any of the other political parties that promote the Brigg Line as it highlights the unacceptable situation communities on the Brigg Line suffer from.

On the approach to the station area there are a pair of metal gates, they come under the remit of North Lincolnshire Council, the locking of the gates have been problematic in resent years due to travellers been on the site, they have now gone but one of the gates remained open which over the Bank Holiday lead to youths in cars arriving in the station area to drink, take drugs and vandalise the station.

Brigg Line Blog was contacted by Chris Ramsbottom, Head of Service and Asset Management at North Lincolnshire Council.

Chris said "  A council officer will now open the barrier at approx 7 am and close the barrier at approx 5.30 pm each evening, previously we had an agreement to close the barrier at approx 7.30 pm. This earlier closure time will assist in the inability of joy riders accessing this area. The barrier will be closed whether there are vehicles still in station yard or not, there will be signs clearly stating what time the barrier is to be closed and also information regarding where to ring if you happen to get locked in to facilitate the vehicles release.
This we feel will assist in reducing the situation which occurred over the bank holiday weekend.
I hope this answers your query and you can appreciate the improvements we have now put in place
. "


The Visit Brigg Posters which was designed by Deb Dunnerdale, Chairwomen of the Brigg Business Partnership, continues to be placed around the Brigg Line network and towns with bus connections.

On Saturday Cleethorpes was the target area for these posters.

 37 Bus Newark to Retford 

Brigg Line Blog is always looking for new areas where the Brigg Line can be promoted with new customers coming in by forms of public transport to connect with the trains.

The 37 Bus to and from Newark to Retford that calls at a number of Nottinghamshire towns and villages is one, with a 10 minute walk from the nearest bus stop in Retford to Retford Station these areas will be targeted for new customers, promoting visiting Brigg and the Brigg Line will be escalated in these areas served by this route.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 27th May 2017

Here is the blog for the Brigg Line for Saturday 27th May and the issues at Brigg Station on the 29th May.

Service and Route

With the warm weather on Saturday and events taking place at Brigg including the Farmers Market and River Festival.

Award Winning Brigg Farmers Market, Every 4th Saturday Of The Month

The trains all day were well loaded, with the 0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg service 95% full leaving Brigg.

Brigg Line Blog decided to have a trip to Sheffield, it was noted that the 1114 Cleethorpes to Sheffield Midland service arrived into platform 6a at 1313 thus a end to end journey of  a very good 2hrs , sadly Brigg Line services suffer from erratic timings and no service seems to take the same amount of time.

Just a 10 minute walk from Sheffield Midland station is Victoria Quays, this is the old Canal Basin that has been transformed, its also near what was Sheffield Victoria Station of which pre 1970 Brigg Line trains used to leave from.

Victoria Quays

Victoria Quays 


The Visit Brigg Posters that have been designed by the Brigg Town Partnership have now been placed on the 19 stations that come under the Brigg Line remit, as well as these location towns like Worksop, Retford, Gainsborough and Kirton In Lindsey have also had extra posters erected,

A number of Brigg Line supporters on social media have come forward asking if they can place these posters in their local area, this has been granted with the total number of posters displayed around the 40+ mark now.

Sadly criminal damage is back in force again on Brigg Station.

On Saturday the 27th May 2017 the BT phone was smashed up again in the waiting shelter on the Cleethorpes platform.

A trip to Brigg on Bank Holiday Monday by Brigg Line Blog found that North Lincolnshire Council had " again " forgot to shut the station area gate that comes under their remit.

This led to eyewitnesses reporting a number of cars parked up at the station with youths drinking beer and taking drugs, later that afternoon an inspection was done at the station to find that the grit bin had been turned over and 20 foot of railway fencing have been ripped down.

 An offical complaint has gone in yet again to North Lincolnshire Council regarding closing the gate, with the Brigg Horse Fair due at the start of August we expect the worse.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 20th May 2017

Here is the blog for the Brigg Line for Saturday 20th May 2017.

Service and Route

On Saturday Brigg hosted the Blessing Of The Pumps event in the town.

 Out of all of the station on the Brigg Line its ironic that Brigg is the leader when it comes to promoting events in their town and yet again people came from far and wide to visit their town.

As well as Brigg the other travelers on the Brigg Line on Saturday were heading to Cleethorpes and Lincoln via Barnetby.

As in previous blogs customers with dogs are now regular travelers on the Brigg Line with a number of them travelling to the seaside on Saturday.

Yet again the subject of the last Cleethorpes to Sheffield via Brigg service not connecting with the Lincoln to Grimsby Town service at Barnetby around 1900 reared its ugly head yet again,

On Saturday the incoming East Midlands Train Service from Lincoln was held at Barnetby for 5 minutes instead of getting a clear run into platform 2, it waited for the Brigg service to cross at Wrawby Junction when a connection could be have been done, the joint up railway does not work here thats for sure.


On Tuesday Brigg Line Blog attended the Brigg Town Partnership meeting in the town, using alternative transport since the trains do not run to Brigg midweek, and have not since 1993.

The Town Partnership are always proactive and a poster was designed in days to place in the 20+ railway poserboards that are under the remit of the Brigg Line.

The posters will be erected in the posterboards from this week onwards and one is already on the golden nugget that is Meadowhall Interchange on Platform 1.

Sadly the station area at Brigg which comes under North Lincolnshire Council is looking a mess still with the graffiti on Station Road and the Market Buildings, this was reported a few weeks ago but we still await this mess to be cleared up.

At Monument Roundabout an offical BR crested sign has appeared to let customers which exit to take from the roundabout.

Gainsborough Central

The weeds have started to grow on the Sheffield platform again and have been reported, the record is 5 foot high in the past so we hope these get some treatment soon

Elsewhere on the station the sinking of the foundations on the new footbridge means when it rains there is now a small swiming pool at the bottom of the steps, on Saturday as per normal everyone used the foot crossing and not the footbridge.

Retford Low Level

Problems still arise at RLL with information, customers still await the Customer Information Screens on both platforms to show them of their train that is departing from that platform.

The Information point at the bottom of the Sheffield platform is casuing issues with still no sign telling customers what to do if they need to cross the foot crossing with the aid of the Virgin Trains East Coast staff.


Elsewhere the local villages around the Brigg Line have started to promote the line through their newsletters.