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Brigg Line Blog 4th November 2017

Here is the Brigg Line Blog for Saturday 4th November 2017.

Service and Route

For the second week running a points failure North of Gainsborough Central lead to the 0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg service being late leaving Gainsborough Central.

2H03. 0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg stands at Gainsborough Central awaiting the points to be fixed.

The points failure did not lead to the horrendous 1hr and 42 minutes late as seen last week but a 46 minute delay was clocked up whilst the Network Rail team fixed the issue ( Timing 2H03 )

Swift feedback was given by the Network Rail team on what is the issue and the solution forward.

"  Was caused by a cable fault. Its likely it was the same fault last week, but this kind of fault is very hard to diagnose if it’s rectified itself when the engineers arrive. 
The points incidentally are being upgraded in the new year to a much better system with upgraded power from 30v to 110v "

At Brigg a group of 10 customers were waiting for the 0926 train, luckily locals were on hand to advice customers of the delays, sadly 8 of them went home and this was highlighted in Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog which can be read using this link BRIGG BLOG

2H03 arrived at Cleethorpes late and because the crew needed a planned break the train left Cleethorpes 15 minutes late but people where on hand to inform passengers at the stations without real time information.


Following more local police patrols Brigg station this week remained undamaged.

Elsewhere the FA CUP game Between Gainsborough Trinity and Slough Town had attracted a group of lads to use the Brigg Line train to watch the game, sadly Trinity lost 0-6.

 Elsewhere the flowerbed in front of Station Road was been replanted by the Brigg In Bloom group on Saturday, we are sure this will look wonderful and give the right impression to visitors coming in by train.

 Sadly this can not be said of North Lincolnshire Council who are not dynamic and don't seem to care not one little bit about the effort that goes into the Brigg Line, we can report 3 weeks after the first report the noticeboard on Hewson House still is full of mold and wild growing mushrooms.

Independent Online

Around 6 weeks ago a chap called Godfrey Holmes who was a freelance journalist came to visit the Brigg Line, on the 1st of November the independent newspaper published online his article about the Brigg Line, as we write this over 24000 people have already viewed his piece.


Gainsborough Central

The old semaphore signals at Gainsborough Central have been replaced by old style semaphore signals , at a cost of £50000 each including installing many are still puzzled why this has happened from Network Rail when there was nothing wrong with the original ones.

Pilning Station nr Bristol

The Brigg Line Group have a very close relationship with the lovely people at Pilning Station near Bristol.

Like the Brigg Line they also have a Saturday Only service but for some reason Network Rail removed their footbridge for electrification works and never replaced it, this has left them with 1 working platform.

The £400000 new footbridge at Gainsborough Central has been highlighted as a replacement since we didn't need it in the first place, and we have a very safe foot crossing.

The group have made a YouTube Video about their missing footbridge.

Pilning Footbridge Song


A date for the next few week, the Bassetlaw Railway society will be holding a Model Railway Exhibition on Saturday & Sunday 18/19th November at the Town Hall

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 29th October

Here is the blog for Saturday 29th October 2017.

Service and Route

One main topic dominated the Brigg Line on Saturday and that was the major points failure North of Gainsborough Central.

2H03, the 0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg service arrived at Gainsborough Central then proceeded North to the points that then go from a double line section to a single one, sadly the points would not move and a Network Rail team were called out, the nearest were at Clipstone over an hour away.

The train was then moved back into the platform at Gainsborough Central so that passengers could stretch their legs and in some cases do a bit of shopping whilst they waited.

Passengers stretch their legs at Gainsborough Central  

After over an hour wait the points were fixed and the train went on its wait, sadly due to no information points at Kirton In Lindsey or Brigg customers were not aware of the delay and all went home.

2H03 Running Time

The train left Brigg 1hr 44 minutes late, the Sheffield crew told control that they would forfeit their rest break at Cleethorpes for a turn around at Grimsby Town only if the Trans Pennine Express Cleethorpes train was held and put in behind them at Barnetby, this was granted and customers on 2H03 for Cleethorpes just had to cross the footbridge at Grimsby Town and wait a short time for the TPE service to Cleethorpes.

2H03 Departing Brigg 1hr 44 minutes late
Due to the lateness of the arrival the train was cancelled between Cleethorpes and Grimsby Town on its return trip, passengers for the Brigg Line caught the 1126 Trans Pennine Express train from Cleethorpes and changed at Grimsby Town, the now 1121 Grimsby to Sheffield via Brigg train (2H00) left 19 minutes late.

2H00 Running Time


Despite patrols from the local policing team at Brigg, the station suffered criminal damage yet again, this time the BT phone in the waiting shelter was smashed up for the 14th time this year.

There is still no response from North Lincolnshire Council about the reinstatement of the CCTV camera on Station Road 3 years after the first request.

Until the station is made more secure then no improvements can take place.

Brigg Town Business Parnership

The new A4 Visit Brigg Posters are slowly going up around the 20+ railway posterboards , the lastest was Worksop where a large section of the visitors to Brigg by train come from.

Gainsborough Central

Over the next few weeks the old style semaphores signals will be replaced style semaphore signals, this rather odd situation has arose when in fact the old signalling is working fine, is this another Network Rail tick box exercise ?

Empty Passeneger Train On The Brigg Line

A rare working on the Brigg Line of unit 153324 on a Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg Line empty coaching stock working which was coming to the aid of of 153332 which had failed at Cleethorpes.

Andrew Washington's video at Kirton In Lindsey captures the train heading passed on the 24th October 2017.


Sunday, 22 October 2017

Brigg Line Blog 21st October 2017

Here is the blog for Saturday 21st October 2017


The total number of passengers using Brigg Station for the year 2016 was broken on the 7th October, the person who broke the record this year was local lady Kathleen Devai, this means from now until the end of December the station figures are pure gain, as a way of a thank you Kathleen was presented with a bouquet of flowers on Saturday 21st October.

The Brigg Town Business Partnership have gone that extra mile again to help the Brigg Line.

Through dynamic Chairwoman Debs Dunnerdale and the Business Partnership a batch of new A4 & A5 Visit Brigg posters have been made which promotes coming to Brigg by the train on a Saturday, these along with 2 large banners which are going up at Gainsborough Trinity Northorpe Ground and Retford Station will really put Brigg on the railway map.

As of Saturday posters had already gone up at Cleethorpes and Station Hill at Gainsborough Central.

With the summer season now over the mixture of travelers has now changed, at Brigg on Saturday a group of cyclists used the train to travel down to Gainsborough Central before making their way back, this will be now a popular sight, we are reminded that 4 years ago we contacted a local Brigg Councilor who has contacts within the cycle industry to arrange such an event using the train, we still await a reply.

Sadly on what seems to be a present ongoing issue, Brigg Station suffered criminal damage again, this time a platform information sign was damaged, this has been reported to the British Transport Police.

The state of the Sheffield platform has been reported again with the platform and footbridge in need of a good sweep and the missing warning tape in need of replacement.

Gainsborough Central

Saturday was the Real Ale Festival at the Old Hall in Gainsborough, we were pleased to announce that 22 passengers departed the 1114 Cleethorpes to Sheffield via Brigg service at Gainsborough Central around 1220 to attend this event, plus another 11 off the 1203 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg at Gainsborough Central at 1304.


With the summer over we shall be reminding First Trans Pennine of their franchise agreement which includes a new waiting shelter on platform 2/3 at Cleethorpes.

Platform 3 Cleethorpes

Route Issues

Leaf fall is now causing issues on the Brigg Line again with trains running late due to lack of grip, our old friend of Kirton In Lindsey is causing problems again.

On Saturday the 1601 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg arrived at Brigg 20 minutes late and the 1832 Cleethorpes to Sheffield arrived at Gainborough Central 8 late due to the affected area.

At Worksop the 0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg service slid into Worksop station giving customers that little extra exercise to walk to the train.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 7th October

Here is the Brigg Line Blog for Saturday 7th October.


Saturday 1st October marked the 24th Anniversary of the withdrawal of the weekday service between Sheffield and Cleethorpes via Brigg.

Details about the Brigg Line and highlighting the need for an improvement to the services were highlighted in the Gainsborough Standard this week.

Brigg Line Article   

Brigg Line

This week saw the Network Rail Rail Grinder visit the Brigg Line.

Photo from Tom Gray 
This scuffs the top of the rails so in principle the train gets more grip, sadly due to the lightweight design of the British Leyland Railbuses that work the Brigg Line this failed spectacularly and the following trains had issues around the Kirton In Lindsey area due to lack of grip.

0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes 7 late at Brigg
1114 Cleethorpes to Sheffield 7 late at Gainsborough Central
1203 Sheffield to Cleethorpes 3 late at Brigg
1520 Cleethorpes to Sheffield 11 late at Gainsborough Central
1601 Sheffield to Cleethorpes 4 late at Brigg
1832 Cleethorpes to Sheffield 5 late at Gainsborough Central


Work has started to refurbish the footbridge at Worksop Station, this has caused a debate as the one on the station is roughly the same age and design as the original one at Gainsborough Central, the latter been replaced by the controversial £400000 one.

Kirton In Lindsey

On Friday 6th October around 1200 new Kirton In Lindsey bus and rail travel guides were dispatched around the town and local shops and businesses, this is the brainchild of the Community Rail Partnership and Stagecoach Buses (Lincolnshire) with help from First Trans Pennine Express but nothing again from Arriva Northern.

Also the new Community Rail Partnership poster has been placed in the new noticeboard on the platform at Kirton In Lindsey, this gives details of train times, fares and the popular Visit Brigg poster.

On Saturday Inside Track Holidays had a group of 35 travelers booked to travel on the Brigg Line from Kirton In Lindsey, with a yearly total of around 225 passengers a year it was a pleasure to see the platform full.

Gainsborough Central

On Saturday the line was visited by a freelance journalist who was writing about the Brigg Line for a article that will appear in The Independent in the future, the gentelman was very impressed with how busy the trains were and the hardwork that both rail groups had put in over the last 6 years.

He was rather amused with the Gainsborough Central situation where everyone used the foot crossing to exit the station and not the footbridge and the fact we have a Pilning Station poster up, when he asked why we said that you get towns twinned with each other we have a station as the footbridge at Gainsborough Central is needed at Pilning Station as their one was taken away by Network Rail leaving them with only 1 working platform.

Last week the Visit Brigg banner, done by the proactive Brigg Town Business Partnership was put up with permission on the Tesco fence at the bottom of Station Hill that highlighted coming by train, sadly a retail development complained that this was anti productive and it was taken down by Tesco, a visit on Saturday and the banner has now been put back up again, we must believe there has been a rethink by Tesco ?


The passeneger figures for last year at Brigg was 1023, Phill Hewson, a local Brigg resident and Brigg Line supporter can be seen most Saturdays counting the passeneger numbers, we are informed that by next Saturday we will have beaten this figure, well done to all of them who have been involved to achieve this.

Sadly with Brigg with every good news comes bad, the station gate and area which comes under North Lincolnshire Councils remit had seen flytipping return to the area, this time in the form of some dumped road waste.

At Hewson House at the start of Station Road is a posterboard that displays Brigg Line rail information, its in such a state that mushrooms are now growing inside the display, sadly NLC have not been very productive or dynamic when it comes to promoting the Brigg Line, what visitors must have through on Saturday we can only guess.

Coal Traffic

We are now in a situation where on a Saturday morning 3 trains can be seen at Brigg within 20 minutes.

2 coal trains heading empty to Immingham and the Cleethorpes to Sheffield passneger service due at Brigg at 1147 were all in attendance.

The issue of the new £400000 non ramp footbridge caused problems again on Saturday when a family discovered when they returned at 1553 and then had to negotiate getting back over, substantial comments have been left by locals about the issues of access with this Network Rail footbridge.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Brigg Line Blog Saturday 23rd September

Here is the blog for Saturday 23rd September.

Traffic, Route and Ticketing

A warm Saturday as well as the Brigg Farmers Market brought customers out to use the Brigg Line.

Despite the warm weather coal traffic has returned to the Brigg Line, and on Saturday a rare event of two coal trains passing through Brigg within 10 minutes of each other sandwiched between the 1114 Cleethorpes to Sheffield service meant the crossing gates at Brigg level crossing were closed for a long time, it was a bus situation where you have nothing for ages then 3 turn up at once.

A bargain ticket anomaly has been found again, the £11.70 Adult Return fare from Brigg to Penistone on the South / West Yorkshire boarder is valid to travel via Leeds, if you buy a walk on fare you are allowed to break your journey on the outward and return potions, this means people in Brigg can have a day in Leeds on a Saturday for £11.70 where if they were to ask for a Brigg to Leeds return it would be £27.70 !

A few passengers took the train from Brigg to Gainsborough Central on Saturday but again the £9.10p return ticket is putting many off travelling from either station to each other.


We are now having a situation where the station is getting vandalized each week in some form.

This week it was the turn of the Sheffield bound waiting shelter to suffer damage,  a FOI request has gone into the British Transport Police but we believe the recorded crime incidents at Brigg station this year is between 20-30.

The Community Rail Partnership has brought up the security of Brigg Station with the train operator in recent weeks and will do so again this week, we have come to the point where the station needs to be fenced and gated off, this will mean that the station can be tided up and we can have things like planters and banners on the station.

On the plus side the proactive Brigg Town Business Partnership are working with the Brigg Line Group to promote visiting Brigg with a new design of posters and banners that you will hopefully see very soon at stations.

After a 14 week wait the first posterboard at the entrance to Brigg station have received its useful information poster again, this gives customers details of phone numbers and contact details withing the railway to help them with their journey.

Kirton In Lindsey

The new Community Rail Partnership have with the help of Stagecoach Buses, First Trans Pennine Express, West Lindsey District Council & ACORP have produced another travel guide, this time for Kirton In Lindsey and the surrounding Villages.

The link to the travel guide is below, it may be of note that the train operator of the Brigg Line did not cooperate again just like the Gainsborough Travel Guide.


Sunday, 3 September 2017

Brigg Blog Saturday 2nd September 2017

Here is the Brigg Line Blog for Saturday 2nd September 2017

East Midlands Trains Franchise.

On Wednesday The Department for Transport held a public consultation on the East Midlands Trains Franchise, where none of the EMT routes does not use the Brigg Line the view is that it should do, this would open up new avenues and connectives.

A rough drawing shown here shows how the Brigg Line would connect to the present Nottingham to Worksop EMT service.

RAIL Magazine

In the latest issue of RAIL magazine (834) there is a 2 page spread about the issue at Gainsborough Central and the suggestion of the new Sheffield Midland to Retford Low Level stopping service been extended to Gainsborough Central, this would be a 6 day a week service roughly running between 7am and 7pm, the services would require a subsidy, both Lincolnshire and West Lindsey councils are wishing to discuss this with the present train operator.

Service and Route

The weekend before the schools go back is always a busy time on the Brigg Line.

The 0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg was full with people standing, passengers boarding the services included 31 at Worksop, 12 on at Retford Low Level and 34 on at Gainsborough Central.

Many of these people were heading to Cleethorpes and despite the foggy weather in the morning they were rewarded with sunshine.

Gainsborough Central

Odd goings on with the information that is put up in the posterboards by the Northern contractors, industrial action is taking place on Friday 1st and Monday 3rd September however the strike poster was put up at Gainsborough Central with a Saturday service yet at Gainsborough Lea Road no strike poster has been placed up.

Brigg Line Community Rail Parnership

New posters have been kindly printed by First Transpennine Express for 23 stations under the NNLCRP remit.

Darnall, Woodhouse , Kiveton Bridge, Kiveton Park, Shireoaks, Worksop and Retford Low Level have already had updated posters placed in the posterboards.


The BT phone has been repaired again in the waiting shelter on the Cleethorpes platform after been smashed up for the 9th time this year.

The yellow warning tape has been ripped down again on the Sheffield platform to warn customers about the missing fencing that was vandalizes and pushed down the embankment.

Also a " Platform 2 "sign was ripped off near the footbridge, this has been reported to the British Transport Police, out of all the stations on the Brigg Line Brigg remains the leader when it comes to criminal damage.